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Call Us Today
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Used Oils And Fuels

This country generates 1.4 BILLION GALLONS of recoverable, used oil every year.  Only a fraction of that gets recycled or re-refined.  Used oil that is illegally dumped, or otherwise disposed of, contaminates the environment.  Every year, Americans illegally dispose of oil amounting to an equivalent of 30 Exxon Valdez super-tanker oil spills!

Mission Statement

Since 1962, Kentucky Petroleum Recycling, Inc. (KPR) has created a market to close the loop on energy waste.

  • When there were no markets, KPR found them.
  • When there were no laws to discourage waste and pollution, KPR provided incentives to business and industries to recycle.
  • When regulations were developed to require recycling, KPR, through NORA (National Oil Recyclers Association) advanced workable, market driven laws that encouraged, rather than discouraged compliance.
Today, KPR strives to provide efficient, cost effective service to our customers through a reliable, low liability facility.  Our focus is on quality in our products, employees, and equipment.  Through ever-increasing efficiency, we are able to continue at our original facility, which is small for the amount of product recovered (5-6 million gallons per year).  This efficiency, in turn, limits our customers’ liability.  Large multiple site, scattered facilities are inherently high in future liability and difficult to access in terms of compliance and management.  Our proprietary process produces a high quality, high added value industrial fuel which competes well with virgin energy alternatives.

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